Margalla Hills

The Margalla Hills are the continuation of the Himalayan mountain range. The soil on the hill is fertile and completely covered with green trees, herbaceous plants and rocks. The forest on the hills is the natural habitat for a variety of animals and birds. The forestry department of Pakistan and the authorities has tried their level best to revive tourism in this area. Every year, many private clubs along with the authorities conduct a hiking excursion to fetch up the importance of the Margalla Hills among all age groups. The authorities have made possible for people to visit the forest and explore the natural resort. For people who wants to experience hiking and overnight camping can come here as it is the safest place for the purpose. The two sides of Islamabad are surrounded by the hills. Therefore, it is possible and much easier to access. There are eight trails that vary in distances, and are assigned with numbers, i.e Trails # 1,2,3,4, 5, and 6. The remaining two tracks are named as; the Saidpur trail, and Bari Imam Trail.

Hiking Trails

Trail 1

It's starting point us in front of Daman-E-Kooh, Pir sohawa road. It's total distance is 1KM till then it's view point. It is well maintained but rough & tough because of steep hike.
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Trail 2

Trail-2 leading up to Damn-e-Koh is the shortest trail. It has two distinct trail heads. First is located at a narrow dirt track astride Marghazar Zoo. Alternately, a well-marked trail head is present at the start of Pir Sohawa Road, short of Trail-4 parking area.
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Trail 3

This is the most popular hiking trail of Margalla Hills which is well marked and properly maintained. Initial ascent of trail is steep and it takes almost an hour of moderate hike to reach the ‘Viewpoint.’ Viewpoint offers great sights of Islamabad.
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Trail 4

It starts fromWild Mild Cafe about 1 km from Pir Sohawa Road. It is looping around the local mountain village called ‘Dhok Jeevan’ with the same start and finish point. It is 5KM from one side till then selfie point. Total distance of this trial is 10KM.
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Trail 5

Trail-5 or the Dara Janglan Trail is also quite popular. It leads up to Pir Sohawa Road. This trail has about three sub-trails and is also linked with the adjacent Trail-3. It is famous for it's beautiful streams. Trail is rigorous and is recommended for families upto ‘Ficus Spring’ only.
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Trail 6

Trail-6 or the Chak Jabbi . Trail head is located at the rear of Faisal Mosque near car parking. It is about 4km long and leads up to Village Jabbi. The upper half of trail consists of steep climb and reaches to the small village of Jabbi. It's total distance is 9KM, when you complete it by it's loop.
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