This trail starts behind Sectors E-8 and E-9 and consists of three interlinked sub-trails. Easiest way to the trail head is by reaching Kalinjer village driving towards Margallah Hills from the junction of Agha Shahi Avenue on the road dividing sectors E-8 (Pakistan Navy) and E-9 (Pakistan Airforce). The visitors are required to present identification to security personnel, and foreigners are not normally permitted. Hiking can be start from a small mazar in Kalinjer village. Alternatively, you can take the track going west from the Trail 6 Visitor Information Centre at Faisal Mosque and then walk along the fence of the Naval Golf Course to the village of Gandhian and Kalinjer villages.

From Kalinjer village, initially the trail moves along a water stream that leads into the mountains. Following the stream up from the dam, the track rises and takes you to a Y- junction at Panryas (spring). The track to the right ascends up to Loran di Gali where it joins the track on the ridge from Gandhian. If you take the track going left, you come to Kalinjer Gali, from where you can turn east to reach the View Point (Old CDA fire picket). From here you can look down into Kalinjer and Sanyari valleys at the same time. To the north is Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.

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